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Stillpoints produces true isolation equipment support, much unlikely many others on the market which merely aim to dampen unwanted resonance but never truely isolate your equipment completely. 

Stillpoints heighten transparency, speed of transients, air, space, and dynamics, to name only a few attributes, to aid in the most natural presentation. Stillpoints provide isolation and control of destructive vibrational energy by means of a four-tier filter, substantially improving the sonic and musical qualities of your audio system.

" the context of a high-end system they provide a huge sonic return on the investment." Robert Harley, The Absolute Sound, December 2011

"Stillpoints Ultras are better than good. They have perfected the mysterious art of adding to musical pleasure and sonic enchantment by subtracting unwanted, deleterious nonmusical intrusions." Jim Merod, Positive Feedback, March 2012

Spring 2012 brought a comprehensively strengthened range of products by Paul Wakeen and his Stillpoints team. The release of the Ultra SS (Stainless Steel) last year met overwhelming praise and approval from audiophiles and press alike, prompting a reassessment of the Stillpoints pecking order.

Although the original 'volcano-shaped' Stillpoint was already a memory, the surprise was by how far the Ultra SS outperformed the Ultra Aluminium (identical apart from body material) and the more expensive Component Stand. Aware that Stillpoints has built its reputation on being the best solution for equipment support and isolation, Paul removed these unnecessary items from the range, and developed the Ultra Mini and the Ultra 5 - both using entirely Stainless Steel bodies, but with differing amounts of Stillpoints technology to meet different applications and budgets.

Ultra SS and Ultra 5 can be used underneath equipment (on a shelf or the floor) or underneath any loudspeakers, where they are ideally used with threaded adaptors as spike replacements. The Ultra 5 has 5 times the Stillpoints technology in a single package.  Ultra Mini is primarily designed for use under equipment on a shelf, but can be used under small loudspeakers.

The ultimate expression of the Stillpoints art is the ESS rack. Contained with this aesthetic beauty is engineering which sonically improves any system used with it, aided by six pockets of Stillpoints technology built into the support bars of each shelf.

The secret to Stillpoints design is in many fine details, but a key distinction is the way the four-tier filter prevents a direct energy path through the device. This isolation is in contrast with other support devices (such as spikes, cones and balls ), and the success of this approach is instantly audible.

Recent press awards for the Ultra SS include a '2011 Product of the Year' and '2012 Editor's Choice' and 'Golden Ear' awards from The Absolute Sound.


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